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Animal welfare and food standards

As consumers we are increasingly aware of, and concerned by where and how our food is produced, and what processes and journeys it has undergone before we buy it. For farmers, this increase in concern is welcomed as it encourages consumers to buy from British producers, because UK traceability and labelling requirements are the most rigorous, and because we feel confident buying closer to home.

There is a wide range of animal welfare and food quality, traceability and safety standards and schemes and there have been some changes to legal labelling requirements in the past few years, all of which is intended to make finding out where our food comes from clearer and easier.
Farmers and food producers often have a choice of schemes available to join which accredit their products' quality, provenance and ethics of production.

Britain already has the highest farm animal welfare standards in Europe. There are no growth hormones or antibiotics in manufactured animal feed in the UK, the use of sow stalls and tethers is also banned, and the record-keeping for traceability farmers must adhere to is the most stringent and the most transparent, recording any use of veterinary medicines on an individual basis.

The Red Tractor
The Red Tractor is the logo of Assured Food Standards, an independent organisation set up to regulate several farm assurance and food quality schemes, so that the choice of schemes available to farmers can be retained whilst presenting a recognisable brand to consumers, adding confidence to buying choices.
The use of the symbol on produce is a stamp of approval, proving that it has met the stringent criteria necessary to qualify for the British Farm Standard. Standards cover all aspects of production on the farm from looking after the countryside to food hygiene and safety, ensuring that farmers are producing food to meet a set of agreed standards of good agricultural practice and animal welfare that are checked regularly by trained inspectors and are trusted by consumers.



Shabden Park Farm is an assured farm

The FABBL Farm Assurance Scheme is a qualifying scheme for the Red Tractor, and was set up to to give retailers and consumers confidence in British livestock production standards. Membership of FABBL allows producers like us to prove that the standards of husbandry and welfare on the farm meet national levels of best practice and this gives an assurance to the consumer that our produce is safe and ethical.

FABBL policy

Shabden Park Farm complies with the FABBL standards for lamb, under the policy for all beef and lamb farms, which includes;

  • ensuring the health and welfare of the stock based on The Five Freedoms:
    • freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
    • freedom from discomfort
    • freedom from pain, injury and disease
    • freedom from fear and distress
    • freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour
  • ensuring the environment is protected and cared for
  • ensuring the safety and welfare of animals during transport
  • ensuring full traceability
  • ensuring the responsible use of medicines

For more information and a downloadable version of the complete standards for beef and lamb, click here for the FABBL website.


We promise that the way we care for our livestock reflects the pride we have in them



FABBL Farm Assurance
Assured Food Standards
Meat and Livestock Commission
Food Standards Agency
Assured British Meat
British Meat Education Service
National Office of Animal Health

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