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Back to Nature Farm Shop

Inside the farm shop


Seasonal range of farmhouse sausages

Traditional farming, traditional breeds, traditional butchery.

At our Back to Nature Farm Shop, we sell our farm-reared, native breed lamb, beef and pork. Hung for texture, taste and tenderness, traditionally butchered and hand-prepared using English cuts to ensure quality in cooking and eating. For more information on how we rear our meat, visit our Produce page.

At the farm shop, which is based right in the farm yard, we sell a full range of our own-reared Sussex breed beef, Tamworth pork, and Suffolk cross lamb and mutton, as well as locally produced chicken, game in season.

A seasonal range of our homemade farmhouse sausages is always in stock. Made from scratch using fresh ingredients and no added fats or preservatives, our butchers bring out new recipes according to the season and current weather conditions! We make and sell lamb, beef and a wide range of pork sausages, plus a special range of gluten-free sausages, all made from meat reared on the farm. In season, we also make game and venison sausages.

Our butcher will prepare your meat for you and can offer advice on how to cook it. We can take special orders for dinner party cuts, and we can cater for special occasions - we have supplied beef for a wedding, stuffed chicken breasts for a birthday party, plus burgers and sausages for barbeques.

What else can you buy at the farm shop?
Dry cured bacon
Free range eggs
Fresh vegetables in the farm shop
Cooked meats; honey roast ham,      
smoked ham, salt beef.
Dry-cured bacon, cured by us from our own farm-reared pork.

Farm-fresh free range eggs, collected daily.


Fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs in season, and sourced as locally as possible.
Quality game, fish and meat pates and terrines, and goose fat in convenient jars. Meat tracklements; everything you need to go with your meat, from sauces to stuffing. Plus jams and preserves. Seasonal specialities - locally-made Christmas pudding,
Tracklements - meat accompaniments
What's a tracklement?

Tracklement is a lovely old-fashioned word for a meat accompaniment, but we'd like to see the original word back in circulation, being traditionalists. Mint sauce is the traditional tracklement to be served with roast lamb, farmhouse chutney makes a splendid tracklement for our honey roast ham, for example.
The history of the use of the word is not well documented, probably because it is a colloquialism, however it possibly comes from Yorkshire and could be derivitive of 'trancklements' - meaning trinkets, bits of nice things etc.

At the farm shop, you can buy a delicious, locally produced sauce, mustard or chutney to accompany your meat, a convenient pack of yorkshire pudding mix, or a quality stuffing mix such as we use in our stuffed lamb shoulders.


Our farm shop butcher Martyn

Farmers Mark and Kirstie, and butcher Martyn welcome you to the farm shop during these opening hours;

   Wednesday & Thursday    9.30am - 5pm
   Friday & Saturday             9.30am - 6pm
   Sunday                             9.30am - 4pm

To place a special order, you can telephone the farm shop on 01737 552744 and discuss your requirements direct with Martyn, who enjoys doing special cuts and dinner party centrepieces.

Our monthly Farmers Market is held in the farmyard outside the farm shop.

Find out more details of dates, times and produce available at Shabden Farmers' Market.



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