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Back to Nature:: Pork

We use traditional English breed pigs to produce a real old-fashioned tasting pork with crisp crackling.

Our pigs are bred from native Tamworth sows, crossed with 'Henry', our Middle White boar. The sows and fattening pigs are kept outdoors most of the year, except when it is too wet and cold. When indoors, the pigs are kept on straw bedding in a large area of the shed.
We employ traditional, outdoor pig farming methods at Shabden Park Farm. Read more about our farming methods.
The use of these native breeds produces a pork with real flavour and texture, and a skin which crackles without any special cooking techniques or treatment. Even the rind on the chops crackles!

Tamworth sow and piglet

Back to Nature pork is available in a choice of cuts, providing a versatile basis for an abundance of meals, not least the traditional Sunday roast. Our butcher makes a wide variety of our own pork sausages, using fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit; whatever is in season. Our gluten-free sausages are made coarser with no rusk or substitute binder. We dry cure and wet cure our own bacon and gammon, and we sell a cooked honey roast ham by the slice, along with other cold meats.

Pork does not generally require the cold hanging that lamb and beef benefit from so we sell meat from the current week's animals. Our system of selection, transport and the abattoir we work with ensures traceability back to Shabden Park Farm. Our experienced butcher then prepares the meat into seasonal cuts, so that you can buy pork for a light summer meal or a traditional Sunday roast, as seasonally appropriate.

Back to Nature Pork Cuts

List of cuts available and a description of their best cooking techniques. Please do enquire if you would like to buy a special cut, not in this list; we pride ourselves on providing good customer service.

Leg: boned or part-boned and cut to your size

The leanest and largest of the roasting joints. A large proportion of meat to crackling. Leg meat may be diced for casseroles.

Shoulder: boned and cut to your requirements

Succulent and sweet meat, carries a little more fat, but that adds to the flavour and keeps the meat moist.
Shoulder steaks and spare rib pork chops can provide a mid-week meal.
Shoulder meat may be diced for casseroles.

Loin: chops and fillet

Juicy pork loin chops, with kidney attached if preffered, or wing chops make a simple mid-week meal.
Pork tenderloin, or fillet, is a very tender meat for stir-frys and casseroles.

Belly and ribs

Belly is a most succulent roasting joint and makes the best deep crackling. Strips can be roasted quickly for a mid-week meal alternative to chops.
Pork ribs are perfect for barbeques and marinades, and also for caveman-style roasts.

Kidney and liver

Pigs kidneys are available seperately or attached to the loin chop in the traditional manner.
Pigs liver is available by request.

Versatile pork mince is ideal for mid-week meals or for easy home-made burgers and meatballs.
Pork Burgers

100% pork burgers, homemade, with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Fresh apple, tomato or plain varieties in season.

Pork Sausages

100% pork sausages, homemade, with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Our sausages are made with the real fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit that is in season. Gluten-free versions available.
Seasonal sausage varieties vary, for example;
Surrey pork
pork & herb
pork & fresh leek
smoky bacon & tomato
Chipstead chilli
pork & fresh apple
pork and garlic
pork, apple & rhubarb
farmhouse pork
pork, spring onion & celery

Pork Sausagemeat

Sausagemeat is available in any of the sausage varieties we sell, including gluten-free. By request except at Christmas when freely available!

Bacon and gammon

Dry-cured or wet-cured, our bacon is available smoked or green (unsmoked), and in back and streaky cuts, as well as bacon steaks.
Our gammon is home-cured and is available in joints or steaks.

Ham and cold meats

Our home-cured, home-cooked honey roast ham is sold by the slice. We also produce a sweet smoked cured ham and a cold roast pork for slicing.



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