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Back to Nature:: Beef

Shabden Park Farm produces tender, rich-tasting, traditional beef - how beef used to taste!

Our beef is bred from Sussex cattle, chosen by us for its traditional and superior taste. The cattle are reared on grasses, herbs and wildflowers managed under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme; free from chemical fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides.
We employ traditional, free-range, extensive cattle farming methods at Shabden Park Farm. To find out more about our cattle farming methods, go to the Farming section.

Farmer Mark loves his cows!

Back to Nature beef is available in a variety of cuts, from roasting joints to mince and stewing steak.
Our Sussex beef animals are hung in the traditional method for three to four weeks in monitored temperature conditions before butchering. This gives the meat a deep flavour and moist tenderness, and means that the meat won't shrink when cooked. Back to Nature beef has a rich marbling throughout the meat and a succulent rind of creamy fat which keeps the meat moist during cooking, and gives it it's rich taste.
Our system of selection, transport and the abattoir we work with ensures traceability back to Shabden Park Farm and you can see our chestnut Sussex cows for yourself in the surrounding fields.

Sussex breed beef animals rarely finish before 24 months old and this slow-maturing adds to the flavour of the meat. Back to Nature beef is available all year round. Using traditional butchery, we prepare the meat into seasonal cuts, so that we tailor our range to cater for the season and weather. In summer, we cater for quick, light meals and barbeques and during the colder months, we prepare cuts for warming meals you'll want to come in from the cold for. Throughout the year, customers enjoy our Sussex beef for their traditional Sunday roast dinner.

Back to Nature Beef Cuts

List of cuts available and a description of their best cooking techniques. Please do enquire if you would like to buy a special cut, not in this list; we pride ourselves on providing good customer service.

Diagram of British beef cuts

Rich and delicious boneless, rolled joint for roasting. Easy to carve, traditional roast beef. Also excellent cold meat for sandwiches and salads.


The leanest part of the leg, with a more subtle taste, silverside benefits from a little basting or left pink in the middle when roasting and is a good cold meat.


Boned and rolled brisket is suited to braising and pot roasts. A slow-cook, keeping in moistness is rewarded with a tender meat and a rich flavour.

Fillet steak        

The best steak for tenderness. Small steaks, or tournedos, for grilling or frying are cut from the fillet. Tender and succulent in a beef wellington. We recommend ordering in advance for special occasions as fillet is very popular.

Sirloin steak        

Tender, lean and delicious steaks for frying or grilling. Suitable for barbeque although best done rare or medium to ensure it doesn't dry out.

Rump steak         

Flavoursome and juicy steak for grilling or frying. Ours is hung for tenderness. Great on the barbeque as it doesn't dry out as much as the other steaks.

Braising steak         

Lean and tender steak cut from the chuck, blade and thick rib is suitable for stews, casseroles, curries and pie fillings.


Deliciously rich for long-cook stews and casseroles. Shin is the tastiest cut for slow-cooking but requires a two-hour plus simmer in a red wine, ale, or otherwise rich sauce or gravy.

Fore rib        

Rib of beef, a moist and delicious roast on the bone carries a little more fat which gives it a rich flavour.
We recommend ordering in advance for special occasions as fore rib is very popular.

Versatile beef mince is ideal for mid-week meals or for easy home-made burgers and meatballs.
Beef Burgers        

100% beef burgers, homemade, with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Seasonal varieties vary;
chilli, tomato, garlic, onion, mushroom or stilton.

Beef Sausages         
100% beef sausages, homemade, with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Seasonal varieties vary;
beef & Surrey Hills ale
beef & cracked pepper
beef & horseradish
Christmas spiced beef & mulled wine
Grill Sticks

100% beef mince kebabs, coated with a peppery crumb. Ideal for barbeques and can be grilled indoors for a quick meal.






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